Kalo Jaam/Kalojam Recipe - Bangladeshi or Bengali Sweets

Kalo Jam is one of the most popular Bangladeshi or Bengali sweets. It is not only delicious to eat, it looks gorgeous too. This sweets are usually black in color and they are capsule shaped. It might not be very easy to make it at home but it is possible. Following is the recipe of Bangladeshi or Bengali Kalo Jam. 

First Step: Make Dough
Milk Powder    3/4 Cup
All purpose flour/Maida 1/4 Cup
 Butter    1 tablespoon
Condensed Milk to make the 
Color (Optional) Usually pink color. So light red color should make it pink
One pinch of baking powder if you want them to swell

Second Step:
Fry it in Soya Bean of Vegetable oil

Third Step:
Make sugar syrup by adding water to sugar and 
5 to 6 cardamom  ( Break them for more flavor)

Cooking Process;
1. Make the dough by adding milk powder, flour, condensed milk, and baking powder and little bit color if you want. 

2. Make the shapes between the palms of your hands. Make them capsule shapes.

3. Fix the breakage with the fingers slowly if they have any or they will break when you put them in the oil. Do not fry them for a long time or they will be hard.

4. Make sugar syrup by adding water and sugar and the cardamoms in it.

5. Put them in the sugar syrup after you fry them.

6. Keep them in the sugar syrup so they remain soft.

You can add nuts of mawa to garnish them on the top.

Following is the Kalo Jam recipe video in Bangla for Bangladeshi and West Bengali.

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