Bangladeshi Jilapi Recipe with Video

Jilapi is one of the most popular Bangladeshi sweets. It is very popular for iftar in the holy month of Ramadan as well. It is crispy on the outside and soft inside. It is basically dough that is first fried and later soaked in sugar syrup. It might be little difficult to make the shape but it is fun to make the shape. It does not matter how the shape turns but it tastes delicious. 

1. Maida or all purpose flour 1 cup
2. plain yogurt 3 to 4 tablespoons 
3. Corn flour 2 tea spoons
4. Basan 1 tea spoon
5. Food Color few drops
6. Active dry yeast half tea spoon 
7. Water half cup
8. Soy bean or vegetable oil to fry

 Sugar Syrup preparation
1.One cup sugar
2.cardamom 6 to 7 pieces
3.Saffron (optional)
4.Water half cup

Cooking Process
1. Soak the yeast in a lukewarm water and  let it be frothy for couple minutes.
2. Add all the dry ingredients together first 
3. Add the oil to  dry ingredients and mix it well
3. Add the yogurt to dry ingredients and mix it well and then add the yeast water.
4. Make the batter soft so it flows through the little hole of the plastic bag or bottle.
6. Put the batter in circular motion to fry it in the warm soy bean, vegetable or canola oil.
7. Put the jilapi in the sugar syrup for couple of minutes after you are done frying them.
8. It will be ready to serve as soon as it cools down after you take it out of the sugar syrup. 
9. You can serve them warm or cold.
Following Bangla recipe video is demonstrating how to make Bangladeshi Jilapi.

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