Cupcake recipe Questions and Answers

1.If I don't find vanilla extract, should I try cake/ cupcake?
If is for flavoring, It is ok to try it without vanilla extract. I even know one person who does not like vanilla extract.

2. How long it will take to make cupcake?
It should take around 20 minutes but after 15 minutes you can check one time.

3. Can I make cupcake without oven?
You can try to make  with heavy bottom saucepan and very low heat but you need to cover with lid.

4. What fruits can I add if I don't get ready made fruits mix?
You can use chopped date, raisin, peanut paste or peanut butter.
Good luck

How to Make Samai Jorda for Iftar and Eid - with Video

This video demonstrates how to make samai/ semai jorda and later on turns it into misti shape. It is a very delicious dessert and very popular for sometimes for iftar but almost always for Eid ul Fitr in Bangladesh, though they do not make it as misti. The basic ingredients of this dessert include as following.

Ingredients: Watch the video for amount
Vermicelli break into 2 to 3 inches long
Sugar to taste or little more than half cup,
Nuts each sweets should get few nuts,
Raisin  or cranberries each sweets should get raisins,
Grated coconut
Bay leaf 2 to 3 etc.
I prefer country lemonade powder but if you do not have that use 
tank or orange juice powder